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Clinical Assessment- What to Expect


When an individual comes for therapy, they can be experiencing a wide array of concerns, emotions and symptoms. The individual may be struggling with multiple issues, or have a number of contributing stressors. Some of the contributing stressors might be related to present situations, while some may be historically based. Additionally, other factors may include medical conditions or issues related to alcohol and/or substance abuse.

A vital and important part of treatment involves clarifying what the fundamental problems are, as well as determining the kinds of resources the person has to deal with those problems. Such an understanding provides clarity, focus and direction to the entire counseling process.

The most effective way to assess an individual or a relationship and make an accurate diagnosis is to combine clinical interviews with psychological testing and assessment tools. Typically, it takes four to five sessions to obtain and process the amount of information provided by these instruments. Such testing tools more fully objectify diagnosis and treatment goals, as well as dramatically understanding the exact nature of the patient's issues.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of our therapy, we provide a broad array of psychological assessment and testing tools. Additionally, we are able to provide comprehensive interpretation of these tools in a manner that maximizes the effectiveness of the test in treatment, as well communicating information to the patient in a clear and concise manner. Some of the testing and assessment tools we utilize are listed below.

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