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Insurance- Check Your Benefits



As far as fees, insurance makes a big difference. Here is the general information. It is detailed because I get so many questions and this usually answers them.

 The amount I charge is almost irrelevant if a person is covered by insurance. The amount the client pays is based upon what amount the insurance company allowsIf the client has a 'cost-share' insurance plan where they are responsible for a percentage of the charges, the percentage they pay is their percentage on the amount allowed by the insurance company, not the amount I charge.

  • If the client's insurance has a set copay, then that is the amount the client is charged.
  • If a client has a deductible, they are expected to pay for their sessions at the time of the appointment until their deductible is met. I will charge the amount that the insurance company usually allows to be charged unless a client contacts the insurance company to find out exactly how much their insurance company allows for assessment, individual or family sessions.
  • The client does not have to make up the difference between the billed rate and the insurance approved amount.  Client’s with insurance are only responsible for their co-pay or deductible amount.



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