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Emotional Intelligence Resources for You

  • Comprehensive and engaging social/emotional learning courses with completion certificates
  • Unlimited lifetime access to course material
  • Courses in anger management, study skills, mindful social media use, healthy sleep habits, and more. See below for a comprehensive list.

Discover our courses

  • Relationships 101 (6 Lessons) Relationships are not easy and healthy relationships take work. This course provides a roadmap. Students learn tools that will enhance communication, friendship, and a sense of connection, while learning healthy boundaries and conflict resolution skills.
  • Nutrition & Exercise (6 Lessons) This course explores the relationship between physical health and mental health. Nutrition and exercise are covered as key components to improving overall well-being. Students are given the opportunity to examine road blocks that may get in the way of overall health.
  • Anger Management (12 Lessons) This course invites students to re-examine their relationship with anger and how it affects their lives. Throughout the class students will develop more effective skills for how to appropriately and skillfully respond to stressful, trying situations.
  • Communication Skills (6 Lessons) In this class students improve their relationships with others by learning how to assertively and skillfully communicate. Focusing on preparing students for professional success, this class will cover listening skills, emotional self-regulation, and conflict resolution.
  • Self-Esteem 101 (3 Lessons) In this class students explore what it is to have a healthy concept of self. Students examine unconscious patterns of self-dialogue, and common cognitive distortions. Students are given tools to re-craft their view of themselves, and how they interact with others.
  • Financial Wellness (9 Lessons) In this class students examine their relationship with money, the choices they make around spending. Student debt, credit, credit scores, banking, and budgeting are all discussed in detail. Students are given the opportunity to take control of their finances today.
  • Parenting 101 (24 Lessons) This course outlines empowered and gentle parenting while helping you cultivate a sense of responsibility, respect, and independence in your children. Learn how to disentangle from power struggles and communicate lovingly and authentically with your family.
  • Healthy Sleep: Using evidenced based research, finally get the good night’s sleep you deserve.  This six week course utilizes techniques to train your brain to effectively and safely improve your sleep hygiene and reset unhealthy sleep patterns.  CBT-I is scientifically proven to be effective in bringing about health sleep habits.

  • Stress Reduction (12 Lessons) In a culture plagued by fast paced deadlines, stress is rampant. Learn physical and cognitive relaxation techniques that will allow you to renegotiate your relationship with tension. Learn how you can begin to reduce your stress levels in this very moment.
  • Mindfulness Meditation (3 Lessons) Students in this class will learn class the basics of meditation, and how their nervous system may be working for or against them in any given moment. Step-by-step instruction is given for how to settle the mind and body, and move into the quiet space of meditation.
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs (12 Lessons) This class helps students examine the root causes of problematic and excessive use of substances. Students learn skills to prevent the most common negative outcomes, including impaired academic performance, risky behaviors, and substance use disorders.
  • Mindful Internet and Social Media Use (3 Lessons) In this class students are given the opportunity to thoughtfully assess how they spend their time online while learning about some of the negative impacts of excessive use. We also give students tools to start improving their relationship with social media today.
  • Burnout Prevention (3 Lessons) In a culture dominated by production, students in this class take time to examine how burnout may be affecting their lives, relationships, and academic performance. Students learn skills to identify burnout, and ways to quickly reset and recover.
  • Study Skills (3 Lessons) In this class students learn to cultivate positive habits, resist the urge to procrastinate, and manage their time effectively. Students will learn how to be more efficient in their study time, allowing them to worry less, and enjoy their academic experience more fully.
  • Relationship Violence (12 Lessons) Master establishing and maintaining boundaries while recognizing the many ways in which relationship violence can appear. Learn healthy relational behaviors and communication skills to build relationships that are safe, respectful, and built on trust.
  • Co-Parenting & Divorce Education (24 Lessons) Learn how to effectively communicate with your child’s other parent while managing the difficulties that occur during divorce. We provide respectful parenting and relationship tools that guarantee a smooth transition for your family during this rough time.
  • Grief & Loss (3 Lessons) Struggling through grief often seems like the loneliest endeavor. However, almost everyone has experienced grief in some form or another. This course teaches students to begin healing by addressing the major stages of grief, exploring extensive self-care, and developing simple practices to help cope with grief.
  • Sexual Harassment (3 Lessons) Learning about sexual harassment is the most effective way to prevent sexual harassment. This course covers the basic legalities of sexual harassment, how to cope with sexual harassment, and how to help others who have been harassed. Effective communication and how to properly report sexual harassment are included.

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You will have to take the following steps to access the curriculum.  You can use the office computer to get set up if needed.

Website: https://wellness.openpathcollective.org/

Follow these steps to locate the curriculum

1.      Go to the website listed above

2.      Enter your full name

3.      Enter your email address

4.      Create a unique password

5.      Enter the secret key: (Provided in session by your therapist)

6.    Open the curriculum resource, complete the coursework and quizzes,

7.     For verification and documentation purposes you must provide your therapist with a copy of your certificate.

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